CM Punk vs. The Undertaker

CM Punk vs. The Undertaker.  I feel that the WWE has put themselves in a very tough situation with the CM Punk vs. The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 29.


CM Punk is coming off a tremendous WWE championship run, of 434 days.  However, since losing at the Royal Rumble, to The Rock, he went on to lost again to The Rock and then with one more chance to main event, at Wrestlemania 29, he lost to John Cena, in what was a terrific match.


Side note – The Rock vs. John Cena II, or whatever they want to bill it, almost has to be the main event at WM 29.  Rock and Cena are the two biggest names in the business.  They are both great to put on national television to promote.  For example; you can have both of them do an interview on Live! With Kelly and Michael.  They have that draw.  Even though, CM Punk is arguably the best pure wrestler in the WWE and the best on the mic but his image doesn’t scream “main stream national exposure”.  Which is a shame.


CM Punk, is deserving of something more at Wrestlemania.  Nothing against him facing The Undertaker.  But why?  Why would the WWE decide to take the greatest streaks, in sports entertainment, and end it?  The Undertaker is 20-0 at Wrestlemanina.  He should be able to retire with the streak intact.  So, if Punk wins, what happens?  He goes on to lose to The Rock or Cena, again?  Pointless.  The WWE will need the title on one of them for Summerslam.  Summerslam, WWE’s second biggest event of the year.  If Punk loses to The Undertaker, The Undertaker goes to 21-0 and Punk will have lost to The Rock, Cena and The Undertaker in consecutive main event quality matches and falls back behind The Rock, Cena and probably Brock Lesnar. 


For being the top heel in the business, CM Punk still has a good amount of cheers from the crowd.  My personal opinion is that I want The Undertaker’s streak to stay intact, and he should have retired last year, but I want CM Punk to win.  But both can’t happen.  I hope the creative team has another great storyline with Punk, right away with, I hope, Lesnar.  Develop a tag team called “Heyman’s Guys”.  Cause chaos and havoc.  Potentially have a tag team match between “Heyman’s Guys” vs. Rock/Cena at Money in the Bank.  That could draw some money.

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